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Thoughts, Wishes, Wants, Desires

The story of a hug whore

7 May 1969
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Hi Everyone, My name is Rachel, most people call me Rae, I am 39 years old, I live in Pennsylvania. I love to help people and if I can make the world a better place I have succeeded. I am looking for new friends to chat with and enjoy sharing things with. I love to travel, flirt, cuddle, kiss, cook, and have fun. I love poetry, I am a romantic at heart, I am passionate. I live to love. Drop me an email or IM sometime, would love to chat with you. I am a great listener, a good advice giver and I have waterproof shoulders which are great for crying upon. They are also strong so they are good to lean on as well. I am a true and loyal friend. Get to know me you wont be sorry!! Take care!! My Journal is now friends only if you want to be added let me know so I can add you thanx! As always I send lots of hugs!! My dear dear friend thebet who left my life on June 14, 2007 wrote these words about me and they will always be near and dear to me. I will miss you always, Sugar Sugar!

My art is words, and these 50 are for you:

caring, loyal, funny, clever, tasty, fun, fair, more than hot, natural bottom, foodie, cookie, one hundred years, stressed, laughter, game, true, optimist, red -- all over, spanking, family, farm, cows, brainy, qwerty, scrabble, plinko, sand castles, air castles, flying , gentle, hard, pleasure, treasure, hidden, secret, garden, open, mindful, full heart.

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